An Expert of Auto Finance

Fortunes Finance is an internet financial technology company specialized in the field of auto finance under Fortune Capital Fintech Holding. It provides high efficient and smart finance services for individuals and organizations through auto risk management system (ARMS), Auto Loan Service System( ALOAN+), Internet Financing Service Platform (AITFIN), Technology makes financial services easier and better.

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Fortunes Auto Loan, Just 3 Hours Needed 

Fortunes auto loan is an Internet financial service platform, which focused on automobile mortgage loans. Without complicated procedures, the application is so simple that one can to through it in a time as short as 3 hours, which meets customer’s capital needs efficiently. Its services has covered tier and tier cities in China with 71 service sites. Thanks to the Intelligente box control service, there is no needs to mortgage the car, and one can drive freely after completing the mortgage procedures. It provides customers with various services related with credit consulting, vehicle assessment, mortgage loan program, agreement management, payment collection management and other services.


Convoy Expert for Financial Consumer

Relying on the company's Intelligent Auto Risk Management System (iARMS) independently developed by us,  a professional capital security team has been built up as the first dedicated, regularized and professionalized offline capital security team in auto finance industry. The team is consisted of experienced capital security personnel, auto repair technicians and talents with specialized skills. Owning advanced capital security equipment, good capital security expertise, sound capital security solutions, strong social resources, we are capable of recovering vehicle assets safely and efficiently under extremely complex environment. To avoid potential risks from the source of financial assets, and convoy the capital security for financial consumers.